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Western employees and project workers need a special accredidation, approval, work permit and work visa for for working in Russia and other CIS countries. FOXX arranges these for companies. FOXX is a Russian Federal Migratory Service accredited employer of foreign experts in Russia. Work permits and work visa can be for short term or any longer term assignments. This arrangement includes also full personnel administration, salary and tax payments, social security funds and mandatory reports. Full local support can be added with desired scope.


Payroll service is outsourcing of one or more employees to the payroll of FOXX. Salaries, taxes, social funds, daily allowances, medical insurance and all other local employment matters and their financial administration and accounting are handled by FOXX. In Russia, this concerns both Russian citizens and citizens of Kazakhstan, Belorus and Kyrgyzstan.


Candidates are pre-selected, screened and interviewed according to profile, specifications and requirements provided by ”home company” . Personality and skill tests can be used. Test of English is a common ”must”. ”Home company” interviews 3-5 best shortlisted candidates.


Western companies prefer to focus to its key business activity. Local personnel is then outsourced to FOXX. Personnel works entirely for the ”Western home company”” but all administrative and official matters are managed by FOXX. This can include also travel and communication expenses and related petty cash operatives.

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